Selected Discography

It Is What It Is – EP Digital Release (Paper Cup Records)

Tendu – Jarry Singla & Eastern Flowers (JazzSick Records)

Prayana – Peter Dahm Quartet

Pain and Glory – Hugo Read (Doublemoon)

Madras Special – Here It Is (Paper Cup Records)

Inspire (GLM Music GmbH)

Mumbai Project (Doublemoon)

Mineralle – Eastern Flowers (JazzSick Records)

Nomad Spirit (Network)

Between Dusk and Dawn, Al-Jadida, Tarab, Blue Camel (Enja)
Abou-Khalil, Rabih

Silent Witness (Page Music)
Bauer, Stefan

Open Hand (Keytone)

Myths, Modes and Means (BMG)
Coleman, Steve

Germanistan, Jungle Book (Exil)

Rivers of Happiness (Enja)
Ekrem & Gypsy Groove

Liquid Crystal, Trails and Traces (Inakustik)
Frey, Matthias

Pulsation (JHM)
Haberer, Christoph

Sangam, Blue Glass, Live, Kiran
Karnataka College of Percussion/Charlie Mariano

Five Cities (IMC)
Khanda/Ronan Guilfoyle/KCP

Constellations (Acoustic Music)
Laar, Uschi

Madras Special (pmp), Urban Folklore (Double Moon)
Madras Special

Majnoun (Network), Tschupun (ACT)
Schäl Sick Brass Band

Mandala, Session 2000 (Melos Musik)
Schwab, Sigi

Balkan Jazz (Intuition)
Simion, Nicolas

Possible Worlds (CMP)
Stockhausen, Markus

Blow Up (Westpark)
Talking Horns

Karnataka (ADA Muziek)
Temiz, Okay

Lets Play, Drifting (Traditon & Moderne)
Tri Continental

Jamar (pmp)

Niedecken Köln (EMI)
WDR Big Band/Wolfgang Niedecken

Seventh Truth (Sony)
Zadeh, Aziza Mustafa

Music Films

Heartbeat of the Continents/ Herzschlag der Kontinente
By Manfred Waffender (ARTE/ZDF)

Voices of God/Stimmen Gottes
By Andre Heller (ORF/Heller Werkstatt)

Visions of Music
By Euroarts

Five Cities
By Cormac Larkins (h21/IMC/Arts Council)