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A rhythm system for all musicians

This is a concept I’ve developed after years of playing various kinds of music from Rock to Jazz to Carnatic to Ethnic, after conducting workshops and seminars, after teaching individual students and professionals alike, and, after having had the good fortune to perform with some of the finest musicians from all over the world.

GlobalTala is based on the fact that almost every musician I have met during my travels over the last two decades, has been fascinated by the sophisticated Carnatic or South Indian rhythmic system! Using this feedback and realising that it did not matter what instrument a musician played, my concept uses the hand-clapping existing in the South Indian Tala System, combined with the unique drum language known as Konakol. It is about learning rhythm without having to play a strange drum! It is about understanding odd-metres, it is about subdividing beats into unusual combinations, it is about metric-modulation, it is about getting away from written notation and learning to memorise rhythmic phrases and compositions!

GlobalTala is a programme where I offer a combination of a workshop situation, interspersed with solo performances on various percussion instruments, such as Tavil, Mridangam, Ghatam, Kanjira, Morsing, Dolak, Hadgini, etc. This programme is not only aimed at advanced music students, but is also equally interesting for lay audiences and elementary school children.

Takita (3) Taka Takita ( 5) Taka Dimi Takita (7) Taka Dimi Taka Takita (9)………………….